Is it me, or does facebook resemble the story Coraline?

There’s something not quite right about Facebook.

Post after post of  beautiful pictures of your friends and their happy lives.

Pics of them holding their kids hands, or tending their gardens. Countless photos of food that they are eating and the places where they are eating this food. A sea of recipes that they are “definitely making tomorrow night”. Then you see a picture of how wonderful the recipe came out and how everyone enjoyed the magnificent meal. Everyone but you enjoyed it.  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

Me? I post nothing. I say nothing. I’m not eating out at the newest swanky restaurant in town. I’m not holding a pint of Guinness in my hand, toasting the many people who view my page. I don’t have kids to hold hands with. I don’t have a garden to tend. I have cookbooks for recipes, but I very rarely cook anymore. I don’t have the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

What lurks beneath the picture of the beautiful kids or the evening shot of fireflies in the backyard?

To me I see darkness. I see sadness. I see a life unfulfilled. I see my “friends” and I know that their life isn’t so perfect. The kid just had a meltdown at Walmart, and this is first moment that he’s been calm. I see the house in front of that garden that needs a new roof and a new hot water heater. I see the credit card bill that lists all of those appetizers and drinks you had last week, but just can’t afford(because you need a new roof and new hot water heater). I hear the phone ring because you’re a few days late with your mortgage payment.  I  hear you argue with your husband because he forgot to put the water bill in the mail, and that’s late now, too. This is what I see. I see life.

Facebook is a Fantasy. A Dark. Terrible. Evil.  Fairytale fantasy. It’s filled with dark wizards that make you think your life isn’t as fulfilling as your “friends”. It’s evil rats placing ads of pages and articles that they think you need to “Like”. Worst off, its breeding a new “Big Brother”: spider-like in its thirst for your personal information. It’s sewing buttons on your eyes every time you look at a post. Facebook is Orwell, Sauron, and the evil mother in  Coraline all rolled up into one. Facebook destroys souls.  I would like to break that false mirror.

But.  It’s the only place where my friends actually connect with me. So here I go. I’ll sign into my page and maybe I’ll get an idea for supper. Don’t expect me to post anything, though. I like my brown eyes.


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