Good God, what was I thinking?

Yesterday, I turned right.

I registered for classes, and on monday I start the next part of my journey. I am matriculated in the Biology department at my local community college. I already have three degrees, but they haven’t done me any good, so let’s go for a fourth.

As I sat in orientation, surrounded by 18 year olds at the cusp of their new found adult hood; wide -eyed and facing their next path  with exuberance and wonder, I stood before them, disillusioned and cynical.  I wanted to scream to them, “you’re so young! Don’t be complacent with your life! Be active with your education. Explore. Learn. Stifling your potential by committing to a major is the worst mistake you can make. Don’t make the same mistakes I did”.

Even if I screamed it out from the top of the building, I’m sure they would not hear me.

They’re 18 for Christ’s sake.

And I’m a middle -aged woman who is going back to school.

Which one of us is delusional?




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