A little thought and a little consideration of others makes all the difference



I adore “Winnie The Pooh”.


  I remember the first time I read it; I was five and my God Mother had bought be a copy.  Of course I had already seen the Disney animation of the story many times. It always played during one of the holidays, and my parents let me stay up to watch it.  I loved the opening scene of the nursery with all of the stuffed animals and toys; it gave me great comfort.  Eventfully so did the book, as a child and later as an adult.

I was introduced to the “Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff, through a very dear friend.  It was during a depressive episode that she gave me the book to help work through it.

That was the beginning of a continuing longing in me to better myself.


But I digress.


I’m using Eeyore to reflect what I took away from this course: that kindness to others makes not only a difference in their lives, but in yours as well.

 In one of my first posts, I spoke about how I don’t believe there is such a thing as altruism. I stand by that.  In order to be altruistic, one’s actions are only for those one seeks to help, and not for one’s own self.  Any action has a reaction.  I don’t think you could help out anyone else, and not feel the benefit of it.  Although, your intent is to be kind to someone, your kindness extends to yourself as well.  That one kindness can have a powerful journey, as well.  Its effect is on not only the person it was intended for, but anyone else that person comes in contact . From there it grows or it may mutate and take on a life all of its own.  It’s like the balloon that is attached to Eeyore’s tail. Once it was cut, who knows where it will roam.

 In the activity on kindness, the small task of buying someone else’s coffee, really made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.  That wasn’t from the cappuccino I bought for myself.

With “Kindness” came it’s sister, “Love. And love is what life is all about.




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